My view on ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat TV serial on Colors TV’

This is to share about my latest addiction on TV. Usually I am not a person who is glued to the TV, particularly these soap operas.

It was one night I was changing from one channel to the other with super boredom, as suddenly I was struck with an amazing performance by the veteran actor Manoj Joshi. I actually stopped to see him because he was a familiar face to us. As I followed the play I came to know he was portraying Chanakya’s character. Being a scholar and lover of archaeology and history, I was interested to watch the play because it was Chanakya. It was the TV serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colors TV.

The date was 6th February 2015. I was attracted to the performance by Manoj Joshi as Chanakya and the wonderful sets and powerful dialogues. I continued to watch it from then. I was eagerly waiting to see who would portrait the much loved emperor by all Sinhalese Buddhists, and Buddhists all over the world and in my opinion world’s greatest ruler, Ashoka the great. Then came a young boy whose voice and facial expressions and body language startled me. That moment as I was watching the 6th episode that too from the middle, I was little confused with the story but the wonderfully written and directed play caught my attention. That night, I watched all 5 episodes till 3 am despite the fact that I had to wake up at 6 am and conduct a lecture at 9am.

The 3rd episode where they introduced the role of Ashoka was the most awestruck episode till date. It was the young actor’s amazingly strong voice and body language struck me in admiration. The way he pronounced certain words stressing its meaning, his hand movements and stunts were extremely mind blowing. I couldn’t stop myself from watching the 3rd episode again and again! In curiosity I searched who was the super talented young actor as Ashoka and found it was Siddharth Nigam. I must say Siddharth Nigam is the perfect match for play young Ashoka. His facial expressions, voice and amazing personality has captured hundreds of hearts and I am pretty sure Siddharth’s performance makes us love and respect emperor Ashoka more and more.

Certainly we know a lot about emperor Ashoka but that is through historical records and most of them are real facts. Indeed this drama is not a historical record or documentary about Ashoka but a fascinating tale about him. There is no need to look at the drama as a scholar or historian, it is interesting to see a play based on Ashoka’s life, specially his childhood mischiefs, his bond with his mother queen Dharma, his struggles and challenges and the powerful role of Chanakya in making the Mauryan emperor.

How they have portrayed queen Dharma is simply beautiful. Her sacrifices, struggles and love for her son is capable of touching our hearts. The actor playing her role is perfect. Queen Dharma’s innocence and piousness is perfectly shown through Pallavi Subash’s performance. The actor playing the role of Samrat Bidusara is flawless for the character and what a personality for an emperor! I must mention the entire cast is extremely talented and perfect for the characters. Well, it is not possible to stop talking about Siddharth Nigam’s performance as Ashoka and I can write pages admiring his talent.

One more powerful feature of the drama is the powerful dialogues and the carefully selected language. The language used here is very much close to Sinhala language and most of the time I do not need subtitles to understand it.

The music… it will be unfair if I do not mention about the music of the play. The amazing tunes, music and the songs are truly wonderful. Music and the title song is one strong reason the play has captured the hearts of the viewers. I could not stop from downloading the title song and making it my ring tone!

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat TV serial on Colors TV is one of the best plays on TV, which is beautifully written and directed with an amazingly talented cast. It is a tribute to emperor Ashoka. Siddharth Nigam, Manoj Joshi, Pallavi Subash and Sameer Dharmadhikari has surely captured our hearts and will live there forever. All the best!

© සියලූම හිමිකම් ඇවිරිණි. කතෘගේ ලිඛිත අවසරය නොමැතිව මෙහි සඳහන් කිසිවක් හෝ උපුටා ගැනීම, ගබඩා කර තැබීම, නැවත ප්‍රකාශය, පලකිරීම සපුරා තහනම්ය.

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