The best thing about being a writer

Hello there! It’s been a while and good to return to my blog.

It was in May 2013 that my first book published and it will be two years in May 2015. Since then I have been in the book world and as a writer, I am eight books old. Not bad in less than two years!

There are so many good things about being a writer. The best thing about being a writer is that you can create your own world, which sometimes may not really exist. You can create characters you dream of, you can explore and create adventures. The best part is, you can make an impact on the society. A writer is someone who has his or her voice being heard, vision being known in the society. A writer is someone who analyses the society, people and the world around him or her. Simply a writer is someone who pays attention to the utmost simple things happening around him or her. I believe the best things about being a writer is, you are going to live forever through your work, in your books, in the hearts of your readers, in your characters.

A good writer contributes to the survival of civilization. A ‘good writer’…that is what I want to become. A good writer who will contribute to the survival of the civilization, a good writer that will contribute to humanity and spread love, compassion and peace.

© සියලූම හිමිකම් ඇවිරිණි. කතෘගේ ලිඛිත අවසරය නොමැතිව මෙහි සඳහන් කිසිවක් හෝ උපුටා ගැනීම, ගබඩා කර තැබීම, නැවත ප්‍රකාශය, පලකිරීම සපුරා තහනම්ය.

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