The Cures of the White Peacock.

After a hectic day spending in the library and the museum I stepped into the garden to relax for a while. The research work have already given me a heavy head. As I finished my degree in Archaeology which was my childhood passion, I returned home after a decade. The garden and the mansion was built by one my great grandfathers during the early 18th century. Every corner of this wonderful place would spell mystery. The garden pathway was paved with red bricks. Both sides were covered with over grown tropical plants with huge leaves like, elephant ears, giant ferns, palms, and fancy-leafed caladiums. The lush green and blood maroon color of the glossy leaves were shining brighter in the sunlight. The papaya tree heavy with orange ripen fruits attracted various types of birds to the place. The chirp and flutter of their little wings bought up life to the garden. Most of the plants and trees in the garden were planted by my great grandfather. He was so fond of tropical plants specially palms, bamboos and giant ferns.

His son, my grandfather, as I was told was a ruthless hunter. He would spend hours hunting innocent animals. There are stories about his ruthlessness, including how he would enjoy how the animal would die a slow death. At sometimes he would skin the animal alive. There is a collection of stuffed heads, skins and feathers in the large room upstairs, which is being locked and unused for decades. That part of the mansion is unoccupied. It is said that my grandfather died a painful death up in his room, next to the large hall where he kept all his hunted animals, grunting like a pig and making strange noises. They say that he was cursed after killing a white peacock who dwelled in the forest. The truth maybe that he caught some kind of disease or illness during one of his hunting expeditions. Talking about the mansion and its mysteries, the part which is unoccupied for decades need be explored. The servants avoids this part and some maids dare to even look at that old building fearing the very view of it. I was told by one maid that her mother has seen a beautiful glowing silvery white peacock on the roof of the old mansion, right above my grandfather’s room. The curse of the white peacock, ruthless hunter, decades old mansion…what an interesting place to live in and explore!

© සියලූම හිමිකම් ඇවිරිණි. කතෘගේ ලිඛිත අවසරය නොමැතිව මෙහි සඳහන් කිසිවක් හෝ උපුටා ගැනීම, ගබඩා කර තැබීම, නැවත ප්‍රකාශය, පලකිරීම සපුරා තහනම්ය.

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