Knowledge or Ignorance? Wisdom or Stupidity?

Recently, I was attending IT training programmes and English language training programmes for academics held at state universities in Sri Lanka. The following questions stuck my mind during attending the training programmes. Is modern information technology so important that we must give it such a priority in our lives? Is it far more advance than the human brain that we ‘worship’ it?

Modern information technology is good, and essential, it plays a vital part in our day to day lives. But is it something we cannot live without? I believe these so called hi tech modern devices and technology should be a tool of ours and we must be the master, instead we becoming a slave of it. It’s a pity to see people get used to e-books instead of ‘real books’, printed on paper with its fresh paper and ink smell and hand drawn illustrations. The younger generation getting more used to e-books and computer illustrations is a trend today. No matter how advance the technology will be, computer illustrations can never take the place of hand drawn illustrations. Why are we giving so much importance to the use of modern information technology in our lives? This makes humans far more like robots, programmed and thinking lesser.

Same thoughts regarding English language. It is true and I agree that learning English language is a benefit, it is a tool. It helps you to explore more knowledge and connect with the rest of the world. But what I do not understand is the mentality of thinking ‘English language as god’, and even a well-educated person is considered an ‘illiterate’ if he or she is not fluent in this so called ‘international language.’ That is typical ‘third world country colonial thinking.’ The terms ‘third world’, ‘colonial thinking’ all were forced into the minds of people living in certain countries by the western world, which are not real concepts and has no base. English is a tool we should learn to use, to communicate with the rest of the world as it is a widely spoken common language. Use the tool properly.

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