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The Clouds and the Little Maid

The Clouds and the Little Maid

(Based on an ancient Asian folklore)

Retold by Ama H.Vanniarachchy2d965dce-0870-4cf4-b636-6da520fbe507 copy copy

Long time ago…yes, many thousand years ago, the world was a different place from today. The sky was so close that fluffy, white clouds floated just next to us. They covered the roofs of our houses and the top of tall trees.

Ambili mama who lives in the moon, with his pet rabbit, would give curd and treacle for children. He loved children, and children would play with his long silvery beard.

The majestic sun god was not as warm as it is today. He was like a gigantic bright warm lamp, hanging up in the sky.

People used stars as lamps to lighten up their houses. Children loved to play with tiny twinkling stars.

There was a poor little servant girl who was tired doing heavy chores. She was always tired and hungry.

One day, she was cleaning the garden with an ekel broom when friendly clouds came to play with her. The tired little girl was angry at the clouds; she threw the ekel broom at the clouds and the sky.

Clouds were sad.   The sky was sad too, that the sky distance itself from us, moving so high that we cannot touch it.

The ekel broom hit the sky so hard, the sun was thrown away and hit the end of the universe. Do you know what happened when the sun hit the end of the universe? The sun caught on fire, and it is still burning.

Ambili mama’s pet rabbit hid behind the mountains on the moon. He would come out only when its nights so we merely see his giant shadow.

The sad sky, clouds, moon, sun and the stars, they all went far far away from us!!!

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